At the end of each year, Riot Games organizes a World Championship in which the best teams in the world compete against each other, to mark the end of the League of Legends season. Always a blissful moment!


This was the first World Championship of League of Legends, barely two years after the release of the game.

The specificity is that only American and European teams were competing.

The scope of the event was limited but it marked the beginning of the World Championships, and the beginning of E-Sports!

Prize Pool:$99.500
Teams: 8
Winner:Fnatic - Europe
Fnatic team in 2011


As soon as 2012, the event took on a major dimension. There were more teams, from other continents. The tournament organisation was much better.

The first Asian teams, from Korea, China, Taïwan and Vietnam appeared.

The excitement around the event was already tremendous all around the world.

Prize Pool:$2.000.000
Winner:Taipei Assassins - Taïwan
Taipei Assassins team in 2012


At this stage, the Asian teams were already dominant on the LoL E-Sports scene. Korea at the top, and China following it.

In addition, the teams were becoming more and more professional.

This World Championship was highlighted by the revelation of one player: Faker.

Prize Pool:$2.050.000
Winner:SK Telecom T1 - Korea
SK Telecom T1 team in 2013


The competition took place in South Korea, in the LoL E-Sports temple.

Some players monopolized the attention: Uzi, the Chinese superstar ; Mata the omnisicent support from Korea or even Rekkles and Bjergsen, the rising stars in the West.

This was the first time a Brazilian team - KaBum! - had participated in the World Championships. They made a good impression.

Finally, the Korean Samsung White team won the final, in their country, in front of an ever-increasing number of people.

Location:South Korea
Prize Pool:$2.130.000
Winner:Samsung White - Korea
Samsung White team in 2014


This was a year in which there was a general renewal of players in the pro teams.

It was also the return of the SK Telecom T1 after a year of absence, a year of doubt.

A return that they have marked in stone by winning once again the World Championship.

Prize Pool:$2.130.000
Winner:SK Telecom T1 - Korea
SK Telecom T1 team in 2015


This World Championship was a historic moment.

A historic moment by the stupendous amount of the prize pool.

A historic moment due to the incredible number of viewers throughout the event.

A historic moment finally by the third victory of the SK Telecom T1. Faker was declared best player of the competition (MVP).

Prize Pool:$5.070.000
Winner:SK Telecom T1 - Korea
SK Telecom T1 team in 2016


The more we progress in time, the more incredible the quality of the event organized by Riot Games becomes. The emotion is still there, perhaps even exacerbated by the scale of the Championship and the hype around it.

In 2017, the number of teams in competition increased to 24.

This year marked the end of the SK Telecom T1 domination. But not Korean domination. Not yet.

Prize Pool:$4.946.970
Winner:Samsung Galaxy - Korea
Samsung Galaxy team in 2017


This year was the year of China!

But it was firstly the year of some European and North American teams that often stayed in the background. We even almost witnessed a 100% European final.

In the end, it was the Chinese team Invictus Gaming that won the tournament. A radiant team during the final.

This was therefore the first victory of a Chinese team. A turning point?

Location:South Korea
Prize Pool:$2.250.000
Winner:Invictus Gaming - China
Invictus Gaming team in 2018